Human Resources and institutional Development Division (HRID) primarily designs and execute straining programmes to enhance knowledge, develop skills and change attitudes of adults involved in agrarian and rural development activities with a view to improve socio economic standing of the farming community. The clients of HRID training programmes belong to a broad range of higher officials and field officers of government organizations and NGOs involved in the development activities in the rural sector, farmer leaders, representatives at grass root level community based organizations and ordinary farmers. Broadly the division is involved in the following activities:

  • Implementing of HARTI training programmes designed for rural/agrarian development.
  • Designing and conducting training activities within the agrarian sector under the direction of the ministry of agriculture
  • Undertaking outside training programmes on specific subjects.
  • Providing services of experts for the training programmes conducted by the outside agencies.
  • Organizing workshops/seminars based on national priorities
  • Documenting and publishing training reports

The training activities of the Institute are coordinated by this Division. Its staff includes Research and Training officers, Audio Visual Technicians and the other support staff. The expert services of research officers of other divisions are solicited for special training programmes. Apart from the tailor made training programmes scheduled in annual training calendar, HRID also designs training courses to meet the specific needs of clients. The main training areas of HRID are listed below:

  • Adults Training Methodology
  • Social Science Research Methodology
  • Agricultural Marketing and marketing extension
  • Project Planning and Evaluation
  • People mobilization and People centered Agricultural Resource management
  • Participatory Irrigation Management
  • Training of trainers on organizational management, people mobilization, PRA and PCM
  • Farmer Training on organizational management, leadership development, partnership development etc.