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Potential of promoting rainwater as a source of safe water consumption in North Central Province (NCP)




Water scarcity is the main problem that we have to face in the future. The increasing population and the development activities like rapid urbanization, industrialization and agricultural activities create a pressure on available water resources.

In our study area, NCP Due to the natural formation of the area, has hard rock or crystalline basement complex of rocks which are well known for their very limited shallow ground water aquifers. Generally, ground water total dissolved solids and the electrical conductivity are also correspondingly high in this area.

In our study area, which is a major agricultural area and the chronic kidney Disease (CKDu) is the major health problem this severe issue of absence of access for safe drinking water in the particular areas has continued to persist. Therefore, this study looks into the problem of as to how the harvesting of rainwater can be promoted as a source of safe water consumption in the North Central Province in Sri Lanka.




Main Objective

Looking in to the potentials of promoting rain water as a source of safe water consumption in the North Central Province

 Specific objectives of the study

}  To look into the people’s opinion on drinking of rainwater.

}  To look into the use of rainwater tanks in the sample area.

}  Analyzing the RO plant water quality and the quality of harvested rain water from respective samples from the study area (If it is not possible to get secondary data)

}  To look into the ways of guiding and making people aware of the rain water consumption

}  Providing scientifically reliable evidence for policy makers to promote rainwater as a mean to the safe water issue in the North central Province.


Expected Outcomes


It expects to promote rainwater harvesting for the safe water consumption in North Central Province. The study examines different health and socio-economic consequences of present water consumption sources such as analyzing the quality of the water in the present sources of water consumption, finding the people’s opinion on drinking of rain water and to find out how the people can be guided and made aware of the rain water harvesting as a mean of safe water consumption.


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