The Environmental and Water Resource Management Division is geared to conduct research and investigations relating to socio-economic and institutional aspects in environmental and water resources management issues with particular reference to small farming sector in Sri Lanka. The Division examines water and environmental resources management issues from a range of perspectives: governance, environment and poverty reduction.

Much of its emphasis is from a range of perspectives in environment and water resources management: water policy, water users associations and other institutional arrangements, water related disasters management, environmental management and agrarian relations. The Division deals with issues in environment and water resources management through holding and coordinating conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops and knowledge dissemination through electronic and print media. The Division manages projects, synthesizes research and publishes findings and recommendations on current and future water, environment, governance and agrarian development issues. EWRM builds professional capacity and understanding of the links between water-society-environment-economy. The related services include the development of training courses, institutional capacity building programmes, policy development and advisory services in the fields of water, and environment focusing on human resources and institutional development in the country.

The division conducts research related to the following broad areas:

  • Revitalizing irrigation
  • Managing water in rainfed systems
  • Water governance issues
  • Studies on Farmer Organizations, Farmer Companies and other institutional arrangements for water resources management
  • Feasibilities and assessment of alternative irrigation systems at farm level
  • Irrigation Economics
  • Environmental economics and policy
  • Agro-environmental issues, resultant problems and possible solutions
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Water related disasters and climate change induced¬† water and agriculture development issues




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